GaDuGi SafeCenter spot, music by Thom Alexander

our dear friends doug and julie and their fun fall wedding

priscilla howe’s ghost with one black eye…

poetry out loud, kansas 2010

StormDoor Productions, is a Lawrence, Kansas, family operation founded by actress and Registered Drama Therapist Christie Dobson and film dudes Jeff and Kevin Dobson.  StormDoor is committed to exploring the sunny and stormy issues in life and creating projects that raise awareness and promote social change.  We have many partners in the Lawrence and Kansas City area and are open to working on innovative pieces with individuals, groups, nonprofits and supportive other businesses.  Contact us to talk about your idea. 785.979.9484.

Cyberbully PSA, 2008

The InSight Project with GaDuGi SafeCenter, 2009.  Sexting PSA “Its Better to END it than Send it”